1-2-1 Meeting Tool

“Making and building new connections is at the very heart of a successful exhibition, so the 1-2-1 meeting tool is a key part of my arsenal when it comes to delivering a successful event and ultimately a healthy return on Investment.”
Neil Wilson, Product and Marketing Manager – Virtual1

“M24Seven has found the meeting tool to be of invaluable benefit in profiling and reaching out to our current and prospective partners. Having insights on attendees and their businesses has allowed us to create a targeted meeting campaign focused on connecting with the right partners ahead of  what is certain to be a busy Channel Live event.”                                                       David Humble, Channel Marketing Manager – M24Seven

To help facilitate networking at Channel Live, we have introduced an online meeting system. This will allow you to view delegates and exhibitors details and organise one-to-one meetings prior to the event. Restrictions apply – see below.

The meeting tool is only available to exhibiting companies and primary delegates of Channel Live such as Resellers, VARs and System Integrators. Swink Events reserve the right to refuse access to anyone not deemed eligible.

We want everyone to benefit from this meeting tool so please send us the names and emails of other members of your team that you would like added to the system. Send them to anna@commsbusiness.co.uk

Log in to the meeting tool here: https://channellive2017.ya-yaonline.co.uk/partnering/

You login details will be sent to you when you register to attend Channel Live either as a delegate or an exhibitor.

Once you’re logged in, follow the below instructions:

Step 1
Go to the ‘my profile‘ tab, complete your details, add a photo and tick the box to make your profile public (if you don’t make your profile public, no one will be able to arrange meetings with you – so it’s important that you do this). When completing your profile, ensure you use keywords which will make it easy for people to search for you e.g. My name is Bob Jones and I sell Hosted Voice and SIP.

Step 2
Go to the ‘search delegates‘ tab. You can search by industry sector e.g. IT Reseller, individual first name, last name or company name. You can also search for keywords e.g. SIP. Or you can view all public profiles by leaving the search box blank.

Step 3
From the list of profiles, choose who you want to network with and click the ‘arrange a meeting‘ button. An invite is then sent to the requested person. They can choose to accept or decline and this will appear on your ‘my meetings’ tab. The meeting will remain ‘pending’ until it is accepted or declined.


The meeting tool is designed as an asset for reseller visitors and Exhibitors supporting the event. Vendors, distributors or other suppliers to the reseller channel may be blocked from using the tool at Swink Events discretion.

If you have any questions please call 01892 538 348 or email anna@commsbusiness.co.uk