Digium’s history is rooted in a desire to open up the most advanced and flexible business communications technologies to organizations of all sizes. For nearly two decades, Asterisk, the open source toolkit, has empowered developers to design and build their own telephony applications in a way that best fits the goals of their organization. Asterisk was developed by Mark Spencer, and born out of his need as a small, start-up entrepreneur to find an affordable communications solution. Using Linux, Asterisk was built as an alternative to expensive phone systems that were based on proprietary hardware and inflexible software. Asterisk quickly grew into the leading open source telephony project, putting a more powerful communications solution into the hands of businesses, nonprofits, governments and communities around the world.

Asterisk has served as the catalyst for the idea that powerful communications tools should be accessible to individuals and to organizations of all sizes, and is the starting point for creative, near-limitless communications options in business and beyond.

Digium remains the sponsor and maintainer of the Asterisk project, with its open source code available for free. The developer community that uses and continually enhances Asterisk now includes some of the brightest minds from 170 countries, with close to two million servers running Asterisk. Digium has continued to build and offer ancillary products and services to extend the power of Asterisk, including telephony cards, IP phones and SIP Trunking services.

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