Marston's Telecoms  






Marston’s Telecoms was formed in 2008, originally providing services to its parent company, brewer and restaurant operator, Marston’s PLC. Marston’s PLC needed to cost effectively improve communications between its 2,000 individual pubs and its head office, as well as providing services such a customer Wi-Fi and internet-connected gaming.

Marston’s Telecoms became a private telecoms company, first registering with BT Openreach and later forming wholesale deals with Opal Telecom, Gamma Telecom and Virgin. After successfully converting Marston’s managed estate and telephone infrastructure, Marston’s Telecoms has evolved with technology, now offering Broadband, Ethernet, Hosted VoIP, Private WANs, Carrier Services and Managed Wi-Fi to business customers and the wholesale channel, all delivered over their own carrier-grade MPLS network.

Marston’s Telecoms is able to leverage its strong ownership position, providing a flexible service, as well as competitively priced, leading-edge solutions to customers and resellers. Marston’s may be known for its beer, but with over 70 years of quality IT, ISP and customer service experience, Marston’s Telecoms is a name you can trust.

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