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Comms Council UK

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Comms Council UK is a trade association focussing on Voice and Advanced Communications, representing over 100 (predominantly business-focussed) companies across the value chain within the industry. Initially a niche part of the telecommunications market, VoIP is now a mainstream method, ensuring members can grow and develop new services in an everchanging market.

In 2021, we rebranded from ITSPA (Internet Telephony Providers’ Association) to Comms Council UK, reflecting the fact that internet telephony is no longer the only service our diverse membership provides.

Our aims as a trade association are to:
1.    Ensure industry is represented and can lobby effectively on regulatory and policy developments.
2.    Keep members fully updated on technical or regulatory changes coming down the track, while helping them to prepare.
3.    Develop initiatives to improve industry standards.
4.    Maintain thought-leadership and networking forums with events, webinars and working groups to help members build knowledge and business contacts.
5.    Build on purposeful relationships with industry stakeholders who have the ability to enact meaningful change. 

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