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Fit to Switch

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Fit to Switch is here to help UK PLC & Citizens understand how to take advantage of the BT switch-off in 2025. Are you fit to switch?

The BT-owned UK wide copper-based telephone network is being retired. BT proposes that as of December 2025, all UK telephony will be digital-only, and carried over a fibre-only network.

The implications may be profound for many businesses. Particularly around some of the hard-wired but seldom considered internal infrastructure like:

  • lift lines,
  • fax machines,
  • card payment machines
  • alarm systems
  • hard-wired back up systems…

Many of which may have been in place, installed by third-party suppliers and running unremarked in the background, for decades -- to the extent that neither the business owners nor their present telecoms or broadband suppliers may not even be aware of them.

The switch-off is coming. Will your business be Fit To Switch?

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