Channel Live with a difference... it all took place inside our laptops

In March, Channel Live Virtual took place for the first time – and you all showed up. The Channel community thrives on our partnerships and our friendships, so it felt at times impossible to imagine what a digital event might look like. But the positivity of every attendee was felt throughout the event - Comms Business reports live from the virtual conference floor.
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Sessions announced for the Channel Live Virtual conference programme

Over 3-4 March 2021, the Channel Live Virtual programme presents a new interactive way to experience discussions, industry insight and more. Over 20 free to attend sessions provide a virtual platform for expert-speakers to discuss vital developments, challenges and what the future holds for the sector, live and on demand. Attendees have the opportunity to participate via chats, polls and Q&As during each session.
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Introducing Channel Live Virtual

A brand new online event taking place 3-4 March 2021. In the absence of a live event, Channel Live Virtual provides an online experience designed to keep you connected and engaged with the Channel community.
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