Partner Plus - collaborate and integrate with BT Wholesale

In April 2021, BT Wholesale launched Partner Plus – a three-tier programme designed to make it easier for our channel partners to collaborate and integrate with BT Wholesale’s suite of experts and services. Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, Partner Plus ensures partners can innovate at pace and deliver greater services to their customers.

Partner Plus is made up of 3 tiers – Partner, Premium and Elite. Each tier comes with a great range of benefits including commercial support, sales and marketing resources, learning tools developed by industry experts and access to exclusive events.

All these benefits can be accessed through BT Wholesale’s new Partner Plus Hub which offers an end-to-end digital experience, giving partners control of their account with a range of self-serve tools.

 Winning combo
The winning combination brings together our managed broadband service and digital phone line into one solution. The combo enables small businesses with 1-10 employees to make the move to all-IP. With access solutions including FTTP and SoGEA, the winning combo can be delivered by channel partners to support their small business customers as they transition to a digital future.

  •  BB1: Broadband One is our new managed service designed to meet increasing bandwidth demands. It delivers fast and reliable broadband options – including FTTP and SoGEA, enabling our channel partners to offer small business customers nationwide coverage with low latency and ultrafast speeds of up to 1Gbps. It’s also quick and simple for partners to manage orders through our self-serve portal and aligns with our nationwide expansion of full fibre access to 25 million premises in the UK by 2026.

  • WHC Express: Built for small business owners to give them digital calls ahead of the 2025 switchover, WHC Express provides the ultimate flexibility for users to make and receive calls on the same business number – across their fixed and mobile devices. Users can take advantage of multiple call features, such as voicemail, call divert, call transfer and call hold. The voice service is delivered and fully managed via the online portal. With so many small business employees working flexibly and relying on calls for sales opportunities, the option of a digital phone line gives them the reassurance that they needn’t miss a call.

The closure of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) by 2025 will see traditional telephony, which uses copper telephone lines and analogue signaling, replaced with a fibre network running IP services. Openreach announced plans in 2018 with the aim to ‘switch-off’ the copper network by 2025, meaning the shift to all-IP will enable channel partners to futureproof their offerings and support end-users on their journey to digital transformation. BT Wholesale has a wide portfolio of solutions to support the move to all-IP:

  • WHC with Webex: As customers prepare for the PSTN switch-off and move to IP telephony, cloud communications, such as Wholesale Hosted Communications with Webex, offers smart and secure collaboration tools so business customers can work from anywhere, and on any device. This is essential in a hybrid working world where the demand for flexibility is paramount.

  • Full fibre broadband: There is a need for partners to create an effective full fibre strategy and understand how they can add value to their customers’ businesses. Recent research by Megabyte found that FTTP rollouts are reaching a critical mass. This is important because full fibre represents the most reliable and fastest connectivity available, meaning it’s the perfect foundation for all-IP.

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