Intelligent mobile connectivity is about to become your most important revenue stream

You’re sitting on mountains of revenue. Pangea will prove it. At Channel Live, they’ll share the secret of how you can find and win more deals, while barely lifting a finger—with one simple addition to your portfolio: intelligent mobile connectivity.

Visit their stand to:
  • Learn how intelligent mobile data has opened lucrative doors for their channel partners, and how it can do the same for you.

  • Deals like generating £6.5m revenue by connecting students for remote education. £2m keeping retailers online with Multi-network 4G backup. £2.8m migrating 4,500 PSTN services to outage-proof mobile connectivity. 
  • Get free connectivity advice and coaching

  • You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to find and win more high-margin connectivity and IoT deals, including how to navigate bids and secure valuable tenders.

  • And they’ll share easy talking points that’ll have customers banging down your door, including the PSTN switch-off, the 2G/3G sunset, and 5G opportunities.

  • See how their intelligent connectivity builds can enhance your projects

  • Bring your projects to the team and they’ll show you the clear difference before and after adding intelligent mobile connectivity.

  • Sneak a first look at their all-new intelligent unlimited 5G products and demo their brand new partner portal

  • Want to see it all in practice? Be one of the first to get hands-on with 5G or explore how their portal puts your entire connectivity suite at your fingertips.

As an IoT-only, channel-only company, it’s on us to guide channel partners to the biggest mobile opportunities and open up reliable revenue streams. Especially with big changes like the PSTN switch-off shaking up the industry. I’m excited to share all that knowledge with partners at Channel Live.

‘If you’re a reseller or MSP hungry for growth, you need to come find me at the show—you’ll walk away knowing exactly where to find your next big intelligent mobile data deal, and how to easily win it.’

Bernie McPhillips, Sales Director at Pangea | Connecting Everything

About Pangea | Connecting Everything

Pangea provides intelligent mobile connectivity for resellers, MSPs, ISPs, and IoT solution providers with customers and things to connect. Plus the coaching to find lucrative deals, and the support to win them.

To top it off: they’re IoT and channel only. Your connectivity is their sole focus.