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15 Mar 2024

Dinstar Desk-Top ATA: Your Cost-Effective Analog VoIP Gateway!

Dinstar Stand: C30

Dinstar DAG series Analog VoIP gateway are cost-effective, reliable VoIP gateways that seamlessly connect your analog phones, fax machines and legacy PBX with IP PBX systems and IP Phone networks, leveraging investment of your existing telephony infrastructure and simplifying your VoIP migration.

Looking for a powerful yet affordable VoIP solution? Say hello to our DAG1000 Series, the perfect fit for small businesses, home offices, remote work setups, and branch businesses!

Simple & Affordable: Our Desk-Top ATA offers a low-cost, user-friendly VoIP experience, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Universal Compatibility: Utilizing standard SIP protocol, it seamlessly integrates with mainstream IP PBX and softswitch platforms.

Reliable Failover Support: With Power Failover and IP/SIP Failover capabilities, your communication stays uninterrupted even during unexpected events.

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