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25 Oct 2023

Grandstream Releases New Layer 3 Aggregation Switches

BNS Distribution + Grandstream Networks Stand: A24
GWN7830 Series Layer 3 Aggregation Network Switches

Grandstream, connecting the world with award-winning unified communications and networking solutions, today released a new series of aggregation network switches. The new GWN7830 Series are Layer 3 aggregation network switches that allow enterprises to build secure, high-performance, and smart business networks which are fully manageable and support maximum capacity. With complete end-to-end quality of service, flexible security settings, and up to 240Gbps switching power, the GWN7830 Series are ideal for enterprises and medium-to-large businesses that require high-performance networks with maximum network capacity and control.

The GWN7830 Series of Layer 3 Aggregation Network Switches is made up of 3 models that provide 2 or 4 Gigabit ethernet ports, 6 or 24 Gigabit SFP ports, and 4 or 12 Gigabit SFP+ ports. This Series supports advanced VLAN for flexible and sophisticated traffic segmentation, advanced QoS for prioritization of network traffic, IGMP/MLD Snooping for network performance optimization, and comprehensive security capabilities against potential attacks. The GWN7830 series can be managed in several ways, including the local Web user interface of the switch, and CLI, the command line interface. This series is also supported by GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager, Grandstream’s cloud and on-premise network management platform.

Other Notable features of the GWN7830 Series include:

  • GWN7830: 2 Gigabit ports, 6 Gigabit SFP ports, 4 Gigabit SFP+ ports, up to 96Gbps switching power
  • GWN7831: 4 Gigabit ports (combo), 24 Gigabit SFP ports, 4 Gigabit SFP+ ports, up to 128 Gbps switching power
  • GWN7832: 12 Gigabit SFP+ ports, up to 240Gbps switching power
  • Supports deployment in IPv6 and IPv4 networks
  • Security features include ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, DoS protection, port security, DHCP snooping, and more
  • Offers multiple comprehensive and free management options: the local web user interface, Command Line Interface (CLI), GWN.Cloud - Grandstream's cloud network management platform, and GWN Manager - Grandstream's free on-premise software-based network management tool
  • Built-in QoS allows for prioritization of network traffic
  • Compatible with all brands and devices
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