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05 Mar 2024

Reseller Opportunity: How to Choose a Provider Partner for Long-Term Success

NTA Stand: C71

The digital communication dividend is everywhere.

Technology resellers in particular do not have to look too hard to identify opportunities to help customers transform whilst simultaneously growing their own business.

However, partnership is paramount.

Picking the right provider is not just about platform functionality, serviceability, or margin potential. Those things matter hugely, of course; but the biggest rewards come when the collaboration is creative, and the culture is conducive to mutual, long-term success for both parties.

As communication technology continues to evolve at pace, resellers that partner with providers capable of delivering on all those fronts are well-placed to capitalise.

“The communications technology channel is a place where mutuality is key – in short, businesses are only successful when those with which they partner are also successful,” says Stephen Glaister, Channel Development Manager at leading UK-based hosted telephony provider NTA, whose feature-rich solution and innovative pricing model make for a compelling combination.


NTA resellers are well-placed to capitalise on digitisation opportunities; particularly in the SMB sector where the ticking of the PSTN analogue switch-off clock is getting louder. Many businesses being forced to source an alternative to their traditional telephony are choosing to use the moment to modernise more generally: for example, moving their communications stack to the cloud and leveraging the benefits of pay-for-what-you-use unified communication tools and applications.

Indeed, NTA has been providing telephony and communication technology solutions for UK businesses for over 20 years and its pricing model plays perfectly into that changing landscape.

Billed based on call concurrency as well as a monthly, uplifted price-per-seat, resellers of any size are able to compete effectively – and on a level playing field – with larger, enterprise providers. NTA also offers a residential model, plus three and five year plan options.


“Our partners can choose whichever plan best suits their customers’ specific circumstances,” says Cliff Chandler, NTA Head of Sales.

“There are no targets to achieve in order to qualify for a particular plan; no bronze, silver, or gold partners. No-one is under pressure of having margins reduced or discounts disapplied because they have failed to hit a specific number. With our concurrency model, the more you add, it automatically gets cheaper and the more profit you make. So, it’s a fair, level playing field. There’s not a scenario where a large reseller is getting a bigger discount. It means that small players in our market can be very successful. We have one-man band partners and we have partners with 150 sales people. It doesn’t matter because there are no targets. It also means those resellers can build their businesses at their own pace.


In respect of the concurrency model, the addressable market for resellers of any size is significant.

In the education sector, for example, phones are often required in every room but are rarely used to make external calls. As a result, schools, colleges, and universities are able to make huge savings by switching to a concurrency model. The same is true for hospitals, care homes, shopping centres, and any organisations where multiple phones are required in corridors and offices.

Crucially, the super-resilient NTA omnichannel hosted platform is its own: developed by its own experts, supported by its own engineers, and constantly evolving in line with end user needs. It is wholly white-label and resellers can add their own branding.

A dedicated NTA onboarding team provides training in deployment, functionality, sales, and marketing. There is also free access to NTA’s own integrated billing platform. Fully-ticketed support is provided 24/7 and there’s a telephone number to get through to a human member of the team whenever specialist help is needed.

The digitisation dividend is the gift that keeps giving. It seems all you need is a technology provider partner that wants to share the spoils equally.

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