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07 Feb 2023

Strategic Imperatives plugs BT Wholesale into its Fibre Cafe.

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Strategic Imperatives announced today the addition of Europe’s largest wholesale telecoms provider, BT Wholesale, to the growing list of providers available through its Fibre Café.

Through its unified interface, The Fibre Café now provides access to BT Wholesale’s Broadband One suite of products as well as those offered by the group’s B2B gateway.

The Fibre Café includes benefits for both service and connectivity providers. It accelerates integration, future-proof automation investment and creates a more agile wholesale market with significantly reduced barriers.

Gavin Jones, BT Wholesale's Channel Partners Director, commented, “The Fibre Cafe strengthens our ongoing relationship with Strategic Imperatives, supporting how BT Wholesale caters to different customer needs, from network operators to system integrators and channel partners, we know that one size does not fit all. That’s why we are pleased to interface into the Fibre Café, empowering customers who are constrained by a lack of resources whilst managing conflicting priorities, making it quicker and easier to access the UK’s largest fibre network and unlock the power of full-fibre connectivity.

The Fibre Café seamlessly connects disparate connectivity providers, AltNets and communication service providers. It eliminates the ‘spaghetti’ approach to integration and addresses the fundamental challenges associated with multiple interfaces, technology stacks and long lead times head-on. Underpinned by a unified API, common processes and supplier-agnostic order journeys, the Fibre Café provides a single, modern, and standards-based interface to the UK connectivity ecosystem.

The development streamlines access to BT Wholesale's extensive products and services through the Fibre Café unified interface. It allows communication providers that are already connected to access BT Wholesale services without the need for any further development or infrastructure investment.

Strategic Imperatives Managing Director Wail Sabbagh commented, “Adding BT Wholesale’s connectivity portfolio to the Fibre Café has been highly anticipated by our customers and is a major step in delivering our vision of a unified national gateway into the UK connectivity ecosystem.

 Strategic Imperatives’ commitment to developing and extending the Fibre Café’s innovative ‘build once, connect to many’ model is creating a more equal marketplace, enhancing customer choice, and creating a vibrant connectivity wholesale market.”

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