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07 Mar 2023

Don't Just Survive. Thrive.

NTA Stand: C71
Don't just Survive. Thrive.

What’s all this about then? 

No one understands reselling better than us. From reseller origins we have spent the last 17 years developing a platform dedicated to providing some pretty nifty stuff. We take the term homemade seriously with a large focus on in house production as well as support, development and sales account management. We lend an ear to ensure partners are provided with features and benefits their customers need. 

NTA who? 

We pride ourselves on our dedication to white label products. 97% of our partners utilise our White Label Models, which means it's all about self-promotion and their brand. Each partner has the equal opportunity to position themselves competitively within the industry. 

Your Hosted Service

Benefit from being the Kingpin of your hosted service, with full control of hundreds of features as standard on the portal - yes, you heard us right. We also have a superb range of brandable handsets with enhanced provisioning capabilities, cutting down on installation times. Already have a favourite? You can connect any SIP based device making your service extremely flexible. 

The Models 

To ensure you get the best deal, we have created a range of models to suit all kinds of businesses. From the underdog to the big guns the NTA models grow with your business. 

The Service Provider Model - Our unique industry approach to this model allows partners the ability to purchase SIP channels to use across ‘all’ of their customers on a concurrent basis. 

Partners can still sell to customers on a per seat basis or adapt to their own concurrency based sales system - it's their choice! 
The same channels can be utilised to connect to your endpoints as well as SIP trunks for on-premises systems. 

Now the news everyone wants to hear is  that this model has been designed to create outstanding margin capabilities with the potential to make in excess of 80% gross profit.

The Per Seat Model - with bundled UK landline and mobile minutes, partners are able to set their per seat price for customers. Either way you’re in control.

The Dealer Model - Earn 50% commission for both upfront and monthly costs, all the fun and none of the hassle, Partners are able to sign up a customer and we take the responsibility of all the nitty gritty, including invoicing and payment collection. 
Any customers you sign up come under your partner portal, so you have full control whilst receiving monthly commission. 

The White Label Offering 
It’s our favourite thing to shout about but when it comes to white labelling, we mean business. Our offering encompasses white labelling across our system as well as everything else. The portal and domain, billing system, branded hardware and switches, packaging and marketing materials are all branded with your logo as part of the solution. It's your customers who see your solution, none of the 
co-branding nonsense. 

The Network
We own our network and we’re proud of it. We have 24/7 network engineers monitoring from all levels including user end points. 
This means that even the smallest fluctuations are seen in the network service or voice quality. NTA’s support engineers sit on our core network with state of the art network tools and monitoring instruments, keeping a trained eye on the day to day running of the network. In fact, we’re so confident in our network, that we publish monthly operating statements to partners showing uptime stats and network information. 

The Background Support
Our partner support is like no other, our inhouse team of techies promptly investigates and advises partners of a solution, and an additional emergency support available 24/7/365.  There are no delayed wait times, with our ticketing system, a response will be within a matter of minutes to hours, never days. This also includes a dedicated porting team ensuring a smooth transition when porting to us.
Freedom is yours
We believe you should add customers/ services as and when you feel like it, no pressure from us. Set your own goals to achieve your own success, no targets to attain higher discounts, we believe in an equal playing field from the outset. 
Our main focus is to support our partners!
This doesn’t mean there isn't anything extra in it for you of course. We run annual incentives abroad such as our 5* Cyprus getaway this year. In previous years NTA has whisked away partners to locations such as Vegas. We also hold annual conferences and activities for partners to join in and network. We’re a social bunch. 


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