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Always On Connectivity

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When your customers are asking you for high performance Always-On Internet Connectivity, use SD-ONE Bonded Internet to provide a secure, high availability solution that will complement your connectivity portfolio and make Digital transformation a reality.


Businesses must ensure their connectivity is as robust as possible and the requirement to be online 24/7/365 is essential. Poor or unreliable connectivity impacts performance and productivity. 

Cloud and UC Failover

A business that uses cloud applications such as Office 365, Dropbox, AWS, CRM and ERP needs to have reliable and resilient Internet connectivity. Businesses that use Hosted Voice / VoIP to make and receive calls, need high performance connectivity to underpin the service with resiliency built in, to eradicate downtime and reduced productivity.


The solution is Bonded Internet and our service is called SD-One. It can be deployed permanently at a fixed site in days, or temporarily for a short-term, flexible period.  Ultimate performance, ultimate resilience.

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