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BT Wholesale Stand: B71

Multi-access Edge Compute gives you the ability to leverage the best aspects of cloud and on-premise application hosting in a single solution.


Offering a direct connection from the EE mobile network straight into Amazon Web Services (AWS), it lets you dramatically reduce latency. That makes it ideal for apps that rely on real-time data delivery.

 And because data never touches the public internet, Multi-access Edge Compute offers an even higher level of security. 

Why use Multi-access Edge Compute? 

Normally, businesses host their apps in an on-premise server or in the cloud. On-premise offers speed and a high level of control, but it’s inflexible and more expensive. The cloud, on the other hand, is flexible and affordable, but because it usually results in data passing through the public internet, it takes longer for data to arrive. It’s also more unpredictable and gives you less control over how and where your data is stored. Using Amazon’s AWS Wavelength technology and the strength of EE’s leading network, Multi-access Edge Compute gives you the best of both worlds, letting devices connect straight to the cloud. That means you can support low-latency applications and keep down costs.

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