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07 Mar 2023

Business Communications with Cloudya

NFON UK Ltd Stand: 226

Simplified voice calling. Easy video conferencing. Seamless integrations for CRM and collaboration tools. Your customers get it all with Cloudya.

Got internet. Your clients are all set.

It really is that simple.

Cloudya is a breeze to set-up and configure. So it’s in sync with existing communications systems. 

Reliable. Independent. Flexible. Cloudya is everything their landline isn’t. They can get more done at a fraction of the cost.

Loaded with features:

→ Audio and video conferencing

→ Screensharing for video conferencing

→ Complete app suite for all your customers’ needs

→ CRM integration with up to 60 platforms

→ Single login and phone number

→ Freedom of communication from any device


Supercharge your revenue

→ Perfect chance to approach your customers again with an upselling opportunity

→ Reach out to prospects looking for state-of-the-art telephony and Unified Communication solutions

→ Add value for your customers with product upgrades to keep them coming back for more

Easy wins for your customers


→ Simple set-up with 2-factor authentication app

→ State-of-the-art features that ramp up employee productivity and slash costs

→ Central management for multi-site or home offices

→ A better customer experience with the simplified data management that comes from CRM Connect

→ Rock-solid data protection and GDPR compliance

→ No fixed contract so your clients can scale up or down superfast

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