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Contact Centres

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Reimagine everything

When you have the right tools—not to mention an eye to the future—you’re ready for tomorrow, now. So whether it’s remote and hybrid working, evolving communications channels, or the yet-to-be defined preference—we can help.

  • Vonage continually enhances VCC to grow and adapt to market preferences, regulations, and laws

  • AI helps meet changing customer needs faster and at lower cost

  • Vonage tools and features future-proof your contact center to communicate with confidence and deliver exceptional CX

  • Easily and seamlessly integrate the latest technology that benefits both your customers and agents

  • Integrated features help boost AHT, FCR, CSAT, NPS, and more


Serving and selling is better when it's all connected

Imagine the ideal cloud contact centre software solution. Not just any solution, but one integrated into a CRM. Easy to use. Omnichannel. With an AI that routes customers right where they need to go. And it doesn't care whose telephony its agent is using. That’s VCC.

  • For ease of use, click-to-dial or auto-dial within your CRM, keep other integrated enterprise telephony features through your existing PBX, unified communications, and mobile phones, and even use WebRTC
  • Auto-log calls and recordings and display the latest customer-info screen pops right in the CRM
  • Use the customer details your CRM’s already got for dynamic routing to the best agent
  • Do omnichannel right—voice, digital channels, video, and more!—by communicating the ways everyone wants most
  • Rely on AI for self-service, leverage dynamic routing, offer agent assistance during calls, do post-call analysis, and more
  • Display a local number to get more people to pick up, and save time with voicemail drop


Best of breed contact center capabilities

You want the best for your organization, customers, and agents. It starts with reporting features, analytics and QA tools, KPI monitors and more.  You can easily configure, optimize, and hit it right on the no’s: No code, no downloads, no add-ons.

  • Conversation Analyzer helps transcribe, tag, and QA customer calls like it’s a sprint

  • Custom dashboards and wallboards deliver real-time visibility into KPIs

  • Virtual Assistant brings conversational AI to your self-serve requests

  • Omnichannel helps you engage customers on their terms

  • Video and screen sharing brings a new level of customer engagement

  • A suite of communications APIs enriches contact center experiences


Turn your agents’ jobs into something they never expected: Fun

They're good, these agents of yours. Good, but with the goods to be great. And while you've always been able to put your finger on a mouse to scroll halfway down a webpage, you might just now be putting your finger on what your agents need most: the gamification that turns a contact centre into a contact sport.

  • Serve those who serve your customers—ratchet up agent efficiency, productivity, tools, and techniques
  • Drive compliance and agent training by logging, transcribing, tagging, and recording conversations
  • Listen in on your agents’ calls and whisper discreetly when they need you (like a good coach should)

  • Drive spirited competition and inspire your agents’ greatest performances yet


Free IT to reveal new insights and launch the business forward

Without even breaking a sweat, you're delivering a configurable, straightforward, telephony-agnostic platform to your organisation in a secure, compliant way. Sheer joy. Oh yes, that's exactly what everyone's feeling—especially the IT folks. Why? Because with VCC, the tedious fix-it ticket is dead. Long live the BI discovery.

  • Dump the complex legacy IT systems—plural—and swap them for a cloud-native solution—singular
  • Drop VCC right in your CRM on day 1—Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Microsoft Dynamics, and more

  • So scalable your IT team can do it locally, globally, easily, securely, reliably—the good adverbs never stop
  • Enjoy exceptional voice quality and platform reliability thanks to our global partners’ carrier redundancy
  • Rely on a single company and a single platform for your singular communication needs
  • Take payments and PCI compliance seriously, quickly, and frictionlessly, and—depending on how you use VCC—comply with GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and SOC 2, too


It even integrates with the greatest CRM solution of all time: your agent

Even the most seasoned, old-school agents will be thrilled by how much VCC improves their productivity in the CRM they live in all day long. Remember how tickled they were when they traded in phone shoulder rests for headsets? This is like that all over again. Times a thousand. 

  • One interface, many powerful capabilities
  • Review voice interactions, logs, recordings, and more right in the app
  • An easy-to-use interface with robust KPI, personalisation, and productivity features


Contact centres and unified communications: better together

When the contact centre and the rest of the organisation are all on the same communications platform, agents can collaborate with experts across your entire organisation to most effectively resolve customer issues.

  • Common call controls and directory
  • One-click login and single interface
  • Complete view of presence and availability
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