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Dark Fibre

Neos Networks Stand: C58

Dark Fibre refers to fibre optic networks with no service or traffic running on the fibre strands. Unlike managed fibre services, Dark Fibre gives the maximum level of control to businesses, allowing you to use your preferred protocol and manage and maintain your own equipment. Dark Fibre has the capability to offer near limitless capacity, as well as providing the assurance of dedicated connectivity. This means that only your own business traffic can travel via the fibre, making it an excellent choice for organisations who require a dedicated, high capacity, secure service.

We minimise the high construction costs associated with private Dark Fibre networks by making use of existing fibre within our own network, as well as through third party networks. Where possible, we only dig short distances to connect routes together. We manage network routes constructed in this way, providing a high level of service assurance.

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