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22 Jan 2024

Phone Connect

TSI Stand: C41

Phone Connect is a simple landline replacement service for residential or small business customers - an ideal solution for the PSTN switch-off in 2025.

High-quality, affordable solutions

Phone Connect is a cloud telephone system powered by the Cross Connect platform. This means, our Channel Partners can manage all their customers very simply, from one central location. And of course, Phone Connect benefits from the same exceptional resilience, advanced security and fail-safe Active/Active geo-redundancy as Cross Connect customers.

Phone Connect VoIP configuration is simple to implement. We can even provide customers with an ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) linking their router and handset to enable them to continue using their existing handsets.

Phone Connect also offers:

  • Mobile phone app for iOS and Android to avoid missed calls on the move.
  • Intuitive end-user portal.
  • Answering rules.
  • Voicemails accessible from any device, anywhere.
  • 30-day contract terms.
  • Low-cost subscriptions. 
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