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08 Mar 2024

Inform Analytics

Inform Billing Stand: C40

Inform Analytics removes the barriers to delivering effective analytics in-house, where significant investment into data, people and tools are required to ensure success. Removing the need to invest in data preparation, select, learn and implement appropriate analytics tools or build data warehouses, data lakes, API connectors or write SQL scripts. Utilising our team of experienced Business Intelligence analysts and developers also eliminates the need for you to recruit your own data science team.

The service, available by monthly subscription, starts with a range of pre-configured dashboards designed specifically for ICT resale businesses, with more bespoke options if and when required.

Our cloud-based dashboards provide a centralised real-time view, offering insights into usage patterns, profitability and revenue generation. Our standard offering enables you to make informed choices regarding service offerings and pricing strategies, boosting profitability and customer satisfaction.

We can take that a step further, providing more insights directly relevant to your business and harnessing the expertise of our in-house team to make predictions and highlight areas for further attention. We can even take data-driven decision-making to the next level with our bespoke offering; here we will scope your full requirements and bring in a range of additional or alternative data sources, painting a more holistic picture.


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