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The Layer - CRM with CPQ & E-Sign

Layer Systems Stand: C39

Develop Your Portfolio

Real-time sales pipelines and forecasting is made simple and accurate, allowing informed decisions with easy-to-use dashboards and reporting. Having all your data stored in one platform allows you to quickly launch new products and services across multiple sales teams working from multiple locations.

Sales Cycle Management

Track all lead and opportunity interactions centrally, throughout the sales journey. Sales pipelines and forecasting is made simple and accurate. The built-in reporting and API means you can to use the data in many ways, allowing management to quickly see where to support the team to help meet revenue targets.

Feature Rich Quote Tool

Using the enhanced packages and leasing functionality, sales teams can eliminate manual processes and clunky spreadsheets to quickly create professional signable quotes, drastically reducing the lead to quote time. The built-in deal calculator and configurable approval engine allows full control over quotes that are not commercially or technically viable.

Renewals & Cross Selling

Configure bespoke work queues to show when renewal dates are approaching for products and services that your customers have with you and other suppliers. With a single view into the customer account, you can view the full history of all purchases and quickly implement renewal tactics for up-sell or retention.

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