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The Layer - CRM with Service Desk

Layer Systems Stand: C39

Personalised & Real-Time Interactions

Provide users with a 360⁰ single pane of glass account view. Gain valuable insights into a customer record to enable informed decisions with visibility of all notes, historical cases, orders, in-flight opportunities, and account balances.

Create and Manage Workflows

Work from one application with tailored work queues and full task and communication management. Simplify and bring structure to case management with check lists, workflow, email templates and automation.

Insightful Data, SLAs & Reporting

Manage customer expectations by monitoring response and resolution SLAs with breach notifications. Dashboard widgets allow managers to track KPIs and analyse trends that are impacting customers by case category.

Managing Communications and Feedback

Knowing how your customers feel about their experience with your company is key to retaining their business. The Layer’s feedback tool allows you capture this information in real time.

Flexible Contact Methods

With a dedicated customer portal, branded knowledge base together and triage system capable of managing multiple mail inbound email addresses, you can give your customers the choice of how they prefer to stay in touch.

Time & Cost Management

Having the ability to log the costs and time taken to manage a customer account is a powerful tool when it comes to account reviews and renewals. Our maintenance module allows you to log time against a case and deduct that from a set plan.

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