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The Layer - CRM with Stock & Order Management

Layer Systems Stand: C39

Simplifying Order Management

Managing both basic and complex orders is made easy in The Layer. Orders are automatically created from the signed quote removing the need for multiple systems, manual processes or the chance of human error. Custom process driven work queues, order statuses and check lists deliver structure and allow multiple teams to process orders quickly and efficiently, while maintaining full control with order approval and adjustments.

Accelerated Revenue

Using The Layer to raise purchase orders, sales invoices, and control stock, together with our industry-specific integrations and automated billing queue app, allows you to improve data accuracy and speed up time to revenue.

Accurate Data Entry

As well as being stressful, manually updating stock or orders on multiple platforms is vulnerable to human error with lost or duplicated orders. The Layer provides a joined-up view of all channels and acts as the automated link between them all. This means reduced errors, faster updated inventory, quicker order turnaround and better customer interaction.

Build Customer Loyalty

Keep sales teams and customers up-to-date with the progress of orders with our order tracking widgets, reporting tools and workflow emails. Use The Layer's case system, calendar function and forms to manage engineers and monitor KPIs and SLAs to ensure orders flow freely through the system.


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