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15 Feb 2024


Lobster Stand: D70


As a no-code middleware for data integration, Lobster_data transfers all business-relevant data seamlessly and securely between systems, platforms and formats. Both within a company and when connecting external partners. For all industries and companies of all sizes. With Lobster_data you can convert, manipulate and enrich heterogeneous source data to create structured, editable information. Lobster_data lays the foundation for downstream automation, collaborative data management and data-driven decision making.

The benefits of Lobster_data:

  • One single tool for API, EAI, EDI, ETL/ELT, IoT and Industry 4.0

  • Configuring over coding

  • Intuitive HTML5 interface

  • Full lifecycle API management

  • Ready-to-use functional building blocks

  • All common industry standards covered

  • Automatic format detection

  • Master the tool in three days

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