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15 Feb 2024


Lobster Stand: D70


Lobster_pim is a centralised platform for seamlessly synchro- nising product data. Disparate product information is extracted and cleansed to create one consistent data repository. So every department and even external partners can access the most recent data from anywhere in the world. As a media-agnostic data management tool, Lobster_pim seamlessly connects

to other target systems, reconciles product information and integrates customer-specific data imports and exports within one standardised interface. With Lobster_pim all your data
is just a click away.

The benefits of Lobster_pim:

+ Store all product data reliably in one location

+ Avoid inconsistencies with one central data repository

+ Manage multilingual product information

+ Collate and distribute information efficiently for reduced time-to-market when introducing new products

+ Adapt product information to the individual sales channels e.g. online shop, catalogue, mobile

+ Ensure seamless connectivity to critical business systems e.g. ERP, CRM and e-commerce for optimised data interchange

+ Find product information quickly and easily with powerful search and filter features

+ Automate processes for collating, enriching and distributing information for fewer manual interventions

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