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15 Feb 2024


Lobster Stand: D70


With Lobster_pro, you can map processes with ease and develop complex, no-code applications from scratch. For all industries. Lobster_pro streamlines connections with third-parties and eliminates media discontinuity. As a modular web platform, the tool features an intuitive role-based user interface customised according to your CI, enabling you to graphically define any business logic and have all processes monitored by the relevant employees. Lobster_pro is also highly scalable and can be flexibly adapted to suit your requirements.

The benefits of Lobster_pro:

+ Drag & drop interface – creative design for forms & overviews using the Form Designer

+ Workflow Engine for all types of business logic + Seamless data integration
+ Graphical data modelling
+ Efficient document creation and management + Multi-client capability and access control

+ International deployment with localisation feature + Platform-agnostic HTML application
+ User-friendly dashboards and portals
+ For all industries and processes

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