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07 Mar 2023

MobeX | Softphone Application

NTA Stand: C71

MobeX is the future of softphone technology. Built from scratch by our in-house developers, MobeX offers users opportunities to work from any location with any device. This softphone app is perfect for remote or home workers.


MobeX Mobile

The new and improved MobeX Mobile app provides clear and concise communication for your work without the need for a corded handset. MobeX Mobile is linked to your desk handset, allowing you to take work calls no matter your location. The app comes equipt with voicemail with a visual indication for business calls, separate from your personal voicemail. Easily view the availability of colleagues with MobeXs' responsive Busy Lamp Fields.

MobeX Web

MobeX Web is the desktop variation of MobeX. Consisting of the exact same features as MobeX Mobile accessible from any screen. The desktop app comes with a collapsable dial pad for when not in use, allowing more space for page information. Not only do the Busy Lamp FIelds adjust to your screen resolution, but they also possess the ability to call, video, or message a contact with one click. The MobeX Mobile app works in tandem with the desktop version to provide coherent and up-to-date communication.


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