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E92plus Stand: E40

Netwrix offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to enhance data visibility, streamline compliance processes, and fortify security posture. Below are some key features of Netwrix solutions:

1. Auditing and Visibility: Netwrix provides robust auditing capabilities, allowing organisations to track changes to critical systems, files, and databases. This visibility helps identify security gaps and ensures accountability.

2. Sensitive Data Discovery: With Netwrix, businesses can locate and classify sensitive data across their infrastructure. This feature assists in data protection, risk mitigation, and compliance with regulations like GDPR and HIPAA.

3. User Behavior Analysis: Netwrix analyses user behavior patterns to detect anomalies and potential insider threats. By monitoring user activity, organisations can proactively address security incidents.

4. Compliance Reporting: Netwrix generates detailed compliance reports, simplifying audits and demonstrating adherence to industry standards. These reports cover various regulations, including PCI DSS, SOX, and FISMA.

5. Real-time Alerts: Netwrix alerts IT teams about critical events, such as unauthorised access attempts, privilege escalations, or suspicious changes. Timely notifications enable swift incident response.

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