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07 Mar 2023

NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams

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A familiar app for your customers, powered by telephony options

Our extensive range of telephony solutions meet your customers’ needs – whatever they might be – while making remote work familiar and easier than ever. Stand out from competitors, explore new revenue opportunities, and see where the NFON Integration for Microsoft Teams* can take  you. Sound good?


With its feature-rich core, Microsoft Teams* integration with Cloudya is the ultimate answer when business calls: 

→ Prefer something conventional? No problem; connect Cloudya with analogue devices such as fax, analogue phones, and DECT systems

→ Not one but several DDIs for phone extension and services within the same PBX

→ Forward calls whenever and however you want

→ Versatility on the go. Use Call-Pull to swap calls in progress between devices

→ Ensure privacy and protect end-user numbers with Caller ID restriction

→ Transfer calls easily with a professional switch board

→ Get hold of voicemail messages from any phone by dialling the star code

→ Be ready for all situations with as many as 10 call forwarding profiles

→ Comfortably upgrade your analogue fax machine with Cloudya eFax extension


Ready for cloud enablement? A simple solution for those who need a PSTN connection and to be Microsoft Teams* integrated through Nconnect Voice (SIP Trunk) 

→ Straightforward call handling

→ One DDI per user and account

→ Access Microsoft Teams* voicemail via the App

→ Simple call transfers for convenience

→ Only one default call forwarding profile

Treat yourselves 

  • Be gamechangers and provide the best solution for each individual business   
  • Don’t let silence creep in. Reach out 
  • to customers and share all the great options they have
  • Deployable, scalable and maintenance-free. All a piece of cake
  • Opportunities are endless. Upsell other NFON products with Premium 
  • Treat your customers. Add real value and empower them to optimise their hybrid working experience
  • Expand your customer base. Appeal to those interested in working from anywhere
  • Benefit from recurring revenue  
  • streams and increased profitability

Treat your customers

  • Save money on unnecessary office space and equipment   
  • Connect quickly and easily from any location in the world  
  • Improve trust through remote working opportunities
  • Increase business flexibility and reachability
  • Be ready for the future with  a scalable solution
  • Do their bit for the environment  by reducing travel and carbon footprint
  • Save money in multiple business areas by spending a fraction of previous costs
  • Get much more value out of your Microsoft Teams* app
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