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07 Mar 2023

Nmonitoring Queues

NFON UK Ltd Stand: 226

Make short work of long queues.

Ace more calls. Waste less money.

Customer service expectations are higher than ever . Great service can set  a small business apart. Even with over-stretched  staff and budgets, Nmonitoring Queues helps them do more with less. 

It’s a natural add-on to Cloudya, equipping supervisors and agents with the tools they need to work smarter and faster.

Supercharge your revenue

  • Perfect chance to approach your current customers with an upsell opportunity
  • Target new prospects with the “Wow!” customer support story
  • Fill the gap in the market between expensive  contact centre solutions and PBX products with limited functionality
  • Quick and easy to sell, install and set up

Boost agent productivity  through the roof.

In the office. At home. On the go. Wherever agents work, Nmonitoring Queues is painless to set up and use. Its web-based interface works on any computer with Cloudya. 

Staff planning is a breeze for supervisors.

Expanding capacity at peak times couldn’t be easier. With clear visibility of inbound and outbound activity, call centre supervisors can anticipate, manage and plan staff coverage. 

Helps customer-facing teams raise their game.

Nmonitoring Queues offers actionable insights for up to 180 built-in contact centre KPIs. Your customers can keep a close eye on whatever metrics matter most for them. 

Easy wins for your customers

  • Real-time monitoring. Active calls. Queues. Outbound campaigns. Agents and supervisors can stay on top of it  all through a simple, live web interface.
  • In-depth analysis. Detailed reports let your customers spot the  root cause of performance issues at a glance so staff can deal with them straight away.
  • Unlimited wallboards. 180 KPIs to choose from to create and monitor customised reporting structures using simple  drag-and-drop tools.
  • Improves performance of agents,  supervisors, and support managers. Takes productivity up a notch by empowering customer support staff in all roles to do more.
  • Simple to set up. It works together with Cloudya. Your customers just book it through you and away they go.
  • Scales with your customer’s business. Your customers only pay for the agents using it. Adjust as needed on a monthly basis.
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