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10 Jan 2023

PCI Solutions

Atmoso Limited Stand: 208

Our PCI solution ensures compliance for all voice transactions and protects businesses from fraud by ensuring no card information is ever seen or heard by the agent/call recipient. This is achieved without pausing, suppressing or manipulating voice recordings.

This technique de-scopes the business from many of the requirements laid out in the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), and delivers significant cost savings by reducing the number of PCI controls required and simplifying the auditing and management, which is needed on an ongoing basis.

What does our PCI solution mean for your clients?

Usually, the customer would complete an annual self-assessment questionnaire SAQ-D form, about 386 questions/controls. With PCI, customers only need an SAQ-A, which is approx. 14 questions/controls. We can guide them/you on the completion of this as well.

Our solution is simple & secure. It sits before the phone system, with no equipment on-site & no need to change supplier. This means barriers to entry are removed. It is more flexible than:

An on-site PCI solution – costly and inflexible, & customers need to complete the SAQ-D questionnaire with a QSA provider (whose costs alone can easily reach £100,000 per annum);

An exclusive cloud PCI solution - more flexible, but requires you to route all calls to their service to use. and probably charge transaction fees as well as line rental and call minutes.

Questions to ask your clients

Do you take card payments and are, therefore, in the scope of PCI? 

Do you have to implement draconian staff measures to prevent card detail capture?

Are you struggling to secure your internal network for PCI-DSS compliance? Not sure how to get card details securely to your payment provider?

Not sure how to get card details securely to your payment provider?

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