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Snom M90 DECT Handset

Snom Stand: C20

The Snom M90 is specially designed for use in hospitals and facilities where hygiene is a priority. For this purpose, it is equipped with a special protective cover certified according to JIS-Z2801, which provides no breeding ground for bacteria. For effective inactivation of other "nosocomial pathogens," including "enveloped viruses," the case can be easily wipe-disinfected with up to 99.99% isopropyl alcohol.


At approx. 130 g, the device is not only particularly handy, but is also IP65 certified and thus immune to splash water and dust. Even falls from a height of up to 2 meters are no problem thanks to the reinforced housing. And with up to 17 hours of talk time, the Snom M90 can be used all day long without interruption.


For optimal connectivity within the deployed environment, the Snom M90 has integrated Bluetooth. This not only allows all modern headsets to be connected to the phone, but also opens up completely new application possibilities in conjunction with the Snom Beacon solution. Other features include a high-resolution, LED color display, best HD audio and vibration alert.

The Snom M90 is highly specialized and, thanks to the white, antibacterial persuasion, makes a good figure especially in the hygiene area.

Alarm button

By pressing the alarm key, a defined alarm can be triggered in an emergency.

High-resolution TFT color display

The high-resolution display offers excellent presentation and recognizability in all lighting conditions.


Protected against dust and water

Besides the M80 and M85, the M90 is also built to be protected against water and dust, according to the IP65 protection class.

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