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UNO Billing & Rating

Crystal ASP Stand: A24


UNO-Wholesale’s primary purpose is to enable Network Operators to offer their core services to Business Partners for resale.

At its most basic, it collates and rates usage and other events such as recurring charges for onward billing.

It may also be used by Resellers who wish to become Virtual Operators in their own right.

Raw input’s can be real-time, hourly, daily or any frequency supported by suppliers or networks devices.

Outputs delivery to resellers can be near-real-time, hourly, daily or monthly and includes standardised Voice and Data CDR, One-off and Rental-Formats.
In the case of a Reseller Business this enables them to become a virtual service provider with its own Reseller customers. Daily and monthly CDR’s, Rental and one-off charges are delivered to Resellers.



UNO-Retail Billing provides a sophisticated, easily configured billing system that enables you to go to market with new products rapidly.

It has all the built-in features you would expect from a high-end solution

Retail billing is the enabler for multi-play convergence such as Double, Triple and Quadruple play, providing one package containing a mix of voice, broadband, mobile, energy and/or waste products.

Features include:

  • Rating
  • Bundles
  • Tiered Pricing
  • Agents
  • Invoice Fulfilment
  • Commissions
  • Cost Centres
  • Corporate Environments
  • Closed User Groups



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