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UNO Mediation

Crystal ASP Stand: A24


UNO Mediation can take events in real-time or on a timed rotation basis such as 5-minute/hourly feeds from core networks.

UNO Mediation handles Usage from radius servers / diameter for both Voice and Data. It also takes raw feeds from various switches such as Huawei, Nortel, Ericson, Nokia etc.

The mediation suite processes not only Telecoms transactions but also Energy and Waste.

Inter-carrier reconciliation is performed by maintaining a mapping of all trunks to their suppliers and produces output events for termination charges and origination costs. This data is then being used to generate invoices to suppliers or to validate their invoice to you.

UNO Mediation, in conjunction with Revenue Assurance, can also be used to help devise the best routing options to help maximize margin based on various Carrier plans and prices.

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