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UNO Orchestration & Provisioning

Crystal ASP Stand: A24


Orchestration & Provisioning tasks arise throughout the entire lifecycle of a customer journey and we do not limit automation to the initial service activation.

Our workflow engine (WFM) enables fast and efficient delivery of service. It accepts the output from ‘Order-Entry’ as its trigger and will orchestrate all provisioning steps from the bare-bones data received. It does so by information enrichment throughout each step – all data harvested in a step is available to subsequent steps.

UNO Orchestration manages all interaction with network components, logistics, scheduling, third-party suppliers and other OSS/BSS modules.



It can act upon all notifications received and can have multiple delivery paths.

It also manages all Billing and can send automatic communications out to your end-users such as ‘Welcome Letters’, Activation Texts and e-mails.

Orchestration can be provided as a standalone product to communicate with other systems. It comes fully integrated with the UNO product stack.

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