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UNO Sales

Crystal ASP Stand: A24


UNO-Sales takes advantage of other UNO-Modules such as KCI and Ticketing. It also makes good use of the unified Product-Catalogue to ensure all mandatory items are present and are pre-qualified.

In practice, a Sale cannot be released to Orchestration until all mandatory fields are present and correct. This approach means that vast majority of Orders being provisioned will succeed first time - thus shortening the Order-To-Cash timeframe.

Pre-Qualifications are available for Addresses, GIS location, availability of xDSL/Fibre, Bank-Accounts and Credit-Card validation to name but a few.



UNO-Sales has an integrated Campaign and Promotion functionality that allows you to maintain multiple Campaigns for multiple products and markets.

New Products and Services are easily introduced into the UNO Sales environment. Leads are generated against these campaigns.

For outbound campaigns, these Leads are allocated to call-centre agents automatically based on a dynamic scoring system that determines the relative importance of each Lead.

Inbound Campaigns normally send a communication such as a text, e-mail or letter to the prospect using the KCI module. All resulting activity is tracked against the original campaign whether it’s a web-order keyed directly by the prospect or an inbound call.



There is also a full API-Stack that allows third-party systems (including external portals) to send fully formed Orders to Orchestration. This API-Stack can also be used to create new Prospects and Leads or to find and act upon existing records.

We comply with GDPR regulations and all call centre legislation.

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