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19 Feb 2024

Xelion Mobile Applications

Xelion Ltd Stand: E61

The Xelion mobile app is the ideal solution to the demand in flexible business communications. It keeps you in control of your business communications from anywhere at any time, with the same functionality you would expect from being in the office.
Record calls, chat to colleagues, view wallboards and present your business telephone number on calls via the Xelion mobile app.
Xelion makes managing calls a seamless experience with various calling options. You can choose to make calls using mobile data, WiFi, and GSM.
The mobile app allows you to access your global address book from anywhere and gives you visibility of your colleague’s availability in real time.
Monitor your business’s performance in real time. Wallboards allow you to see users who are logged in, call queues, and missed calls. They keep you up to date on your overall communication performance.

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