2 12:00 What happens when you let your partners define success?

12:00 - 12:30

Your partners don’t lie awake at night obsessing about your products. They’re in business for their reasons not your reasons. They don’t care that you have a quota to fill. So, what happens when you put your partners in charge of defining success in your partnership? Where would you have to focus your effort and attention? What would change if you put your partners at the heart of everything you do? What if you were genuinely partner-centric? How would this change your behaviour? When and how would you invest your time, money & resources? How much time would you spend coaching? Consulting? Advising?


1. How does a partner-centric channel manager think and behave differently?
2. How does the experience differ for both sides?
3. What’s required for true, mutual accountability?
4. How can you build a culture of constructive conflict and telling the kind truth?
5. What needs to change in vendor’s attitudes and management thinking for this to work?

Marcus Cauchi, Managing Director, Making Channel Sales Work, Sandler Training