CityFibre and Openreach – the next phase of fibre build outTheatre 1

Panel Debate: Greg Mesch, CEO - CityFibre Openreach - tbc

Day 1
12:45 PM - 11th September

Following the UK Government’s commitment to full-fibre in this session we will talk to two industry heavyweights, Openreach and CityFibre. Hosted by FCS interim CEO Itret Latif visitors can expect a discussion on…

• Exploration of CityFibre & Openreach’s evolving network strategy in light of recent DCMS and Ofcom publications
• How you propose to put end customers at the heart of what you do as a collective i.e. versus revenue/margin objectives of us as individual companies.
• Network futures! i.e. there is a clear drive to build full fibre infrastructure – fast – but what is the operator vision for capability beyond physical infrastructure, what here will hold you back / what will drive you forward?
• What the ‘full fibre network experience’ looks and feels like for those serving it up to businesses through the channel today and how will this evolve in the future?
• How do we drive the investment in fibre build needed to achieve the Government’s vision/target of nationwide full fibre coverage by 2033 i.e. exploration of the demand drivers, how we secure these and how the channel can support this, pricing etc?
• How do we ensuring easy switching / migration across to full fibre as it’s built?

Host: Itret Latif, interim CEO of FCS

Panellists: Greg Mesch, CEO – CityFibre and Katie Milligan, MD Customer, Commercial and Propositions Openreach