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27 Mar 2023

Fidelity Group Payment solutions

Fidelity Group Stand: 119

Sell Fidelity Payments offers a range of professional services to help customers reduce their acquiring bank's flat rates on credit and debit card transactions, for both business and personal use.

Our payment solutions also allow you to obtain upfront commissions from payment terminal sales, and ongoing transaction commissions for every purchase made from your customers.

We provide a leading centralized platform that allows you to see how your customers' turnover creates revenue for your business, adding further value to your business and customers.

In addition, we review 18 different acquiring banks to help provide your customers with the most competitive rates on the market, and offer alternative payment methods such as payment links, virtual terminals, and online banking.

Our team also provides full product deployment support with both 4G and broadband-enabled terminals, ensuring a seamless experience for you and your customers.




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