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Exhibitor Products

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Exhibitor Products

Our exhibitors gather at Channel Live to show you their latest services and product offerings. Ahead of your visit, browse a selection of what our exhibitors will be showcasing at Channel Live 2024.
  • The 2N Access Unit M combines both a reader and controller in one sleek device. A single UTP cable is enough for connection and power supply, and thanks to its compact design, you can easily install it on door frames or anywhere you‘re struggling with space.

  • Impress customers with the 2N® Indoor View: a sleek answering unit with 7“ touch display that supports HD video calls, is great for integration with home automation, and has a sleek design perfect for even the most luxurious apartments.

  • Something perfect for family homes: a one-button intercom in a compact, stylish design that also boasts a Full-HD camera. The sleek surface features a unique, carefully developed backlit button: the light is not only an aesthetic feature, but also serves to indicate the various states of the intercom (ringing, in call, door open).

  • It's been a year and a half since we launched the 2N® IP Style: and we’ve made it even better!

    The premium IP intercom already features a 10’’ display, 5 different access technologies (including cutting edge mobile access powered by WaveKey and QR code access), plus a 5MPX wide-angle camera that picks up crystal clear images in any lighting… But now we’ve added an AntiBac screen protector that kills 99% of viruses and bacteria – protecting users health as well as their homes.

  • Ideal for areas where wiring can be difficult, the 2N LTE Verso can be installed with just one cable.

  • Datagate integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Desktop & Online, streamlining telecom billing for MSPs and Telecom Providers.

    • Sync customer accounts
    • Export invoices to your accounting system
    • Export payments to your accounting system
  • The journey to all-IP is rapidly running out of road, and there’s still much to be done. But you don’t have to do it alone. Together, we can help you to make the most of the all-IP opportunity, so you ...
  • When your customers are asking you for high performance Always-On Internet Connectivity, use SD-ONE Bonded Internet to provide a secure, high availability solution that will complement your connectivity portfolio and make Digital transformation a reality.

  • Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Solutions

    01 Feb 2024 Phil Bowers

    Take meetings and collaboration to the next level with video and audio conferencing solutions. From face-to-face visual communications and productivity-driving audio conferencing stations, Grandstream offers conferencing solutions that deploy into any network.

  • Multi-access Edge Compute gives you the ability to leverage the best aspects of cloud and on-premise application hosting in a single solution.   Offering a direct connection from the EE mobile network ...
  • Bitdefender is a cutting-edge cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard businesses against advanced threats and attacks. With its innovative features, Bitdefender provides comprehensive visibility into incident events, empowering security teams to proactively detect, investigate, and mitigate cyber risks. Whether its ransomware, zero-day threats, or stealthy attacks, Bitdefender’s advanced investigative and visualisation tools offer unparalleled protection.

  • What is it that businesses love about our BREAK-fix Service Plan? A BREAK-fix repair service plan from Eden Repair Centre is a cost-effective way to cover mobile devices against accidental damage and ...
  • If you're looking for high performing internet access that's consistent and dedicated to your business, then DIA should be considered. It offers fast upload and download speeds and quality of service. ...
  • Our 5G Wi-Fi routers offer fantastic performance in 5G locations.  Invest now and ensure your solutions are future proofed.

  • Designed for small and medium meeting rooms up to 32m², the CA400 system consists of a unique speakerphone MS10, that supports wireless screen sharing, a receiver RC10, and a USB camera CM70.

    The CA400 achieves far-field voice pickup, delivering HD crystal-clear sound. Participants can also wirelessly cast at 4K and access FHD video streaming.

  • Channel Profiles 2024

    01 Mar 2024 Comms Business

    Channel Profiles 2024

  • Our Cloud Connect service provides high performance dedicated network connectivity to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs); Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). It offers seamless connectivity all ...
  • Comms Business December 2023 edition

    01 Dec 2023 Comms Business
    Comms Business December 2023  Link to view issue: The new year is creeping up on us and 2024 will be a big year as we prepare for an all-IP w ...
  • Comms Business January 2024 edition

    01 Jan 2024 Comms Business
    Comms Business January 2024 edition.  Link to view issue: The upcoming switch-off is on everybody's lips and many are hopeful that 2024 wi ...
  • Comms Business March 2024 issue

    01 Mar 2024 Comms Business

    Comms Business March 2024 issue

  • Communications APIs: Be there, build that

    Gather your group with our Video API—great for live interactive video calls, virtual tech support, telehealth appointments, remote learning, and more. Stop bots and hackers with our Verify API and convenient two-factor authentication. Or get social with real-time messaging on popular social apps, like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber. Vonage does that (and a lot more).

  • Strengthen your market presence - with EE.    Is your portfolio lacking that something extra?   It’s here. It’s Complete Mobile - our new proposition, providing full EE connectivity. And that means a ...
  • Contact Centre Connect

    22 Jan 2024 TSI

    Contact Centre Connect delivers a seamless customer experience via our state-of-the-art, cloud native, secure contact centre.

    Our innovative 4 solutions on 1 platform allows for a powerful enterprise grade Contact Centre to be matched with standard and Essential Cross Connect subscriptions to drive business value.

  • The cloud contact centre software that brings it all together

    When you boost the agent experience, you help them to deliver an all-around better customer experience. And that can positively influence your sales and service delivery. Took a look at Vonage Contact Center (VCC) and how we can positively impact your:

    • Team productivity and satisfaction. 
    • Controlled costs. 
    • Customer first-call resolutions. 
    • Integrated CRM. 
    • And more.
  • Turn conversations into sales

    Consumers buy from brands they trust. With, your brand can build that trust by engaging consumers throughout their buying journeys on the channels they love. Create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and return buyer behavior intelligence.

  • Cross Connect

    22 Jan 2024 TSI

    Providing ultimate flexibility and sector adaptability, Cross Connect is unlocking business growth for Channel Partners across the UK.

    Partnering with multi-award-winning tech giants Crexendo powered by Netsapiens, TSI has created a disruptive new cloud-based system that will champion our channel partners and deliver the feature-rich telephony and collaboration platform that has previously been out of reach for many customers. 

  • Dinstar DAG2500 is a reliable high-density analog VoIP gateway, with up to 96 FXS ports in 1U size, the most unique one you can find in the market. 

  • DAG3000-312S FXS analog gateway is a multi-functional voice gateway that provides seamless connectivity with analog phones, fax machine or analog PBXs to VoIP gateway. 

  • Dark Fibre refers to fibre optic networks with no service or traffic running on the fibre strands. Unlike managed fibre services, Dark Fibre gives the maximum level of control to businesses, allowing ...
  • FCS provide support for telephone and email enquiries from our members on a range of topics, including regulation, best practice, and industry process.

  • We help businesses accelerate their digital transformation with Dynamics 365.

    We will help you grow your customer relationships and increase profitability by adding Dynamics 365 revenue to your bottom line. Team up with a trusted partner without giving up control.

  • Discover how DrayTek's solution became a vital ingredient in Growth Kitchen's successful business model.

  • Find how our products are positioned in lifestyle environment, you can download these on our dealer portal.

  • Find how our products are positioned in lifestyle environments, you can download these on our dealer portal.

  • The DrayTek Vigor 167 is compatible with all current UK VDSL2/ADSL+ networks and has been extensively tested to provide a robust and reliable DSL connection.

  • DrayTek VigorSwitch P2100 is a compact Layer 2+ Managed Gigabit PoE switch well-suited for smart home and branch/remote sites.

  • Eclipse NG billing software

    07 Mar 2023 Ellie Allseybrook

    Eclipse NG is an API-driven online billing solution designed specifically for telecoms and IT resellers to bring together all voice, mobile, data and IT products and services from multiple suppliers onto a single bill. 

  • Our cloud platform built on the latest enterprise technology and provides the highest standards of performance, automation and networking.

    Designed to deliver high availability, with the highest security built in, ANS eCloud is flexible and fully scalable and is backed by award-winning service and support.

    Visit our stand to get a free 30-day trial of ANS eCloud up to the value of £1,000*!

  • IP P-Series Phones are designed to deliver the features you need for every user type at a competitive price point with flexible payment options including rental. 

    DECT Phone  supports up to 20 users provides businesses with high quality DECT, enabling staff with wireless communications to take their calls with them as they move around.

    Intuitive And Easy To Deploy Mobile & Desktop Softphone: Allow staff to work remotely using the Sangoma Connect Mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

  • Enlighten customer portal

    07 Mar 2023 Ellie Allseybrook

    The Enlighten online billing portal enables your end-customers to easily view, download and analyse their billing information.

  • Ethernet is currently the most common type of connectivity in the UK because it provides a synchronous, high bandwidth service, making it a great option for many businesses. Our business Ethernet serv ...
  • Exclusive Handset Range

    07 Mar 2023 NTA

    NTA has a range of fully brandable IP Handsets from entry-level, low cost, to feature-rich Professional and Executive handsets, giving you customer flexibility and choice. 

  • The Fanvil H5W is a WiFi IP phone with HD audio, ideal for hotels, retail and hotpital environments.

  • The LINKVIL W611W from Fanvil offers users a portable Wi-Fi phone in a modern and durable casing. Certified with an IP67 rating, the W611W is protected from water and dust damage as well as drops and falls from 1.8 metres. Displaying a clear and intuitive user interface on a 2.4” colour display.

  • At the top of the Fanvil V6 series is the V67 smart video phone. Building on the previous variants of the series, the V67 offers the same crystal-clear audio users have come to expect as well as built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and 2.4GHz/5GHz Wi-Fi for an improved wireless experience.

  • X305 is a big button IP phone designed for nursing homes, hospital, and other scenarios.

  • Ofcom compliant Consumer and Complaint Code templates at an affordable rate, discounted for members. 

  • White labelling done right. Our white labelling service allows partners full visual and customisable control of everything we provide.

  • Gigabit vouchers can be used by small businesses and the local communities surrounding them to contribute to the installation cost of a gigabit-capable connection

  • is an innovative AI voice generator platform designed for telecoms resellers. It enables instant creation of AI-powered voice prompts, on-hold marketing messages, and phone system greetings. ...
  • Guest Wi-Fi Captive Portal - SupaFi

    21 Feb 2024 Sharon Cooke

    Guest WiFi is now essential for any business. SupaFi allows a venue to provide secure public WiFi while generating valuable marketing data and customer insight.

  • C66 is a versatile HD SIP Phone designed for high-end business. Elegant appearance, excellent performance, suitable for various environments. Excellent HD voice quality and various system functions to meet the different needs of users. Supports 4.3”LCD, 20 SIP accounts and 6-way conference. Achieves rich business functions by seamlessly cooperating with IP PBX.

  • Hosted Telephony Platform

    07 Mar 2023 NTA

    The Hosted Telephony Platform from NTA is one of the most feature-powerful, margin-driven products you could have in your armory today.

  • FCS seek to attend the vast majority of relevant meetings of interest to FCS members. We will then provide updates to our members.

  • Inform Analytics

    08 Mar 2024 Rachel Gardner

    Inform Analytics powers Telecoms and IT resellers to easily identify trends, reduce risks, increase profitability and drive informed decisions.

  • Lobster_data is the no-code platform that integrates data
    and processes, allowing you to replace multiple, different tools. That – in essence – is what we mean, when we say: digital transformation reimagined.


    And the more efficient it is, the bigger the advantage. Particularly if it functions systematically and simultaneously across countless channels, giving you the power to take a structured, targeted approach to organising your information flow, keeping it up-to-date even when digitalising product communications. Yes, you heard right: that’s efficient efficiency. No matter where. No matter when. No matter why

  • The platform for automating and integrating digital processes from one single source. Simple. Secure. Scalable. That’s how Lobster does digitalisation.

  • Don't remain limited by a corded handset or an internet connection. MobeX is the app that supports your communication no matter your location or device.

  • Enjoy the convenience of an intuitive and user-friendly telecom billing system with a modern UI tailored specifically for MSPs and Telecom Providers, making billing a simple process.

  • Network Management

    01 Feb 2024 Phil Bowers

    GWN.Cloud and GWN Manager are free enterprise-grade, management platforms for Grandstream access points, routers, and switches.

  • Networking Solutions

    01 Feb 2024 Phil Bowers

    Grandstream's GWN series of Networking Switches offer powerful and secure networks with wide coverage range that feature industry-leading setup and management thanks to embedded provisioning and free management options. This series offers both Wi-Fi Access Points and Gigabit Routers in order to offer a complete wired and Wi-Fi solution. 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty Guaranteed.

  • Netwrix is a leading provider of data security and compliance solutions. Their innovative software empowers organisations to protect sensitive information, detect security threats, and ensure regulatory compliance. Key features include auditing and visibility, sensitive data discovery, user behavior analysis, compliance reporting, and real-time alerts. Netwrix’s solutions cater to IT resellers, service providers, MSPs, and channel partners, helping them address critical cybersecurity challenges.

  • Ombudsman Services is a successful, private, not-for-profit company providing an expert independent dispute resolution service for the communications sector. 

  • Optical Wavelengths provide businesses with high capacity core connectivity without the capital-intensive responsibility of investing in network infrastructure or the in-house IT expertise needed to m ...
  • Get ahead of the competition with Partner Plus. It’s everything you need to grow your business. From sales and marketing support to online tools and training, our partner programme is made to put you ...
  • Pax8 and CrowdStrike

    15 Mar 2024 Pax8

    Announce Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Cybersecurity for Managed Service Providers in the IT Channel

  • Phone Connect

    22 Jan 2024 TSI
    Phone Connect is a simple landline replacement service for residential or small business customers - an ideal solution for the PSTN switch-off in 2025. High-quality, affordable solutions Phone Connect ...
  • Datagate seamlessly connects with leading PSA platforms like:

    • ConnectWise Manage
    • HaloPSA
    • Kaseya BMS
    • Datto Autotask

    These integrations reduce the time and effort required to manage complex billing scenarios and significantly minimize the potential for errors.

    Datagate's PSA integrations empower MSPs and telecom providers to focus more on their core services and less on administrative tasks, driving business growth and improving the customer experience.

  • Our “Zero Landfill” Promise As part of our recycling services, and in line with our terms and conditions, we like our clients to know that all waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is proce ...
  • Whether you are sourcing a single item for a new user, or looking at options for a multi device rollout, choosing refurbished kit can offer attractive savings for your customers. All our refurbished s ...
  • Professional repairs A simple way to increase the income from your existing account base. Join our partner program to earn commissions and profit with minimal requirement, providing businesses nationw ...
  • SBC1000 Session Border Controller

    15 Mar 2024 DINSTAR

    Dinstar's SBC1000 is designed to deliver security, interoperability and transcoding for large enterprises and service providers VoIP interconnections, scalable from 50 to 500 SIP sessions.

    SBC1000 offers carrier-grade performance and functionality you demand in connecting any SIP to SIP applications like SIP trunking, Unified communications, Cloud IP PBX, contact centers, while protect your own VoIP networks.

  • Comms365’s mobile 4G & 5G Services provide primary Internet connectivity on all of the UK networks:  EE, Three, Vodafone and O2, all EU countries and hundreds of countries globally.  

  • From our UK-based SOC staffed by Security Checked [SC] engineers, we provide a range of MDR [Managed Detection and Response] and XDR [Extended Detection and Response] services tailored to the needs of your business.

    With the highest possible Microsoft security certifications, we can take full responsibility for the security of your environments using Sentinel and Defender.

  • SENTINEL – The only UK pro-actively managed, resilient lift emergency connection service. Remove hassle and costs whilst fulfilling your obligations . With diagnostic health checks, fault resolution and lifetime provisioning, Sentinel is all you need to keep your lift connection resilient. Always.

  • The modern stereo over-ear headset. The first fully functional over-ear headset from Snom (Snom A330D) has speakers with full-band audio and a microphone with passive background noise suppression.

  • The Entry model of the Snom D8XX series, the D862 is anything but ordinary. A futuristic design with a generous 5” colour LCD screen with 40° adjustability, the Snom D862 offers users a clear display under any lighting.

  • The Snom D865 is the perfect all-rounder desk phone for any business. Featuring a 5” colour LCD screen offering users a crystal-clear display regardless of lighting conditions.

  • The Snom M90 DECT handset is specifically designed for use in clinical environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of upmost importance. The M90 features a special antibacterial housing which has been tested according to JIS-Z801 to ensure the device is not only easy to clean, but also doesn't allow bacteria and viruses to breed.

  • The Snom M900 multicell DECT base station features an integrated DECT manager with DECT and LAN synchronisation to provide an incredibly powerful solution. Thanks to the integrated DECT manager one M900 device manages all subsequent base stations, ensuring constant availability and seamless handover for calls across all base stations, even those located on other floors or buildings.

  • Switchvox UC solutions help businesses be more efficient, increase productivity, and allow employees to work from any location – all while saving you time and money.

    We enable advanced collaboration & connectivity with productivity-enhancing features; easy to manage and simple to deploy with cloud, on-premise, hybrid or virtualised options available, allowing businesses to select the best fit for their needs.

    Easy-to-use features makes Switchvox the smart UC choice – without a high price tag.

  • Datagate’s telecom billing software is designed to seamlessly integrate with any telecom provider or Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. With Datagate, you can effortlessly process Call Detail Records (CDRs) for accurate rating and billing of telecom usage.

    Datagate connects with popular suppliers like:

    • Gamma
    • Daisy
    • Vocus
    • Telstra
    • Access4

    ... And more! 

    Please note: Datagate is capable of integrating with most providers or PBX systems.

  • Telviva One is a white-labelled cloud-based Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) tool. It is a general-use cloud multi-channel tool managing audio, web chat, video conferencing, and text channels such as WhatsApp and Slack into a single pane of glass, enabling work from everywhere. 

  • The #1 CRM for Telecoms & IT Companies.

    Join the leading ICT companies using The Layer to:

    • Save ££££s and time by increasing efficiency.
    • Build better relationships and delight employees and customers.
    • Grow revenue and dramatically increase profits.

    Discover how we can support your digital transformation journey through a unique blend of industry-specific software and professional services.

  • Let your sales team flourish with intuitive sales processes and automation. Improve task management, forecasting, reporting and sales management with a single view of all customer interactions.

  • Look after customers with our dedicated service module. With a highly customisable case management system, smart workflow, live widgets, SLA and customer feedback monitoring, your customers will never feel forgotten.

  • Our order processing module provides a real-time, 360⁰ view of the progress of orders. Your order processing teams can manage key tasks such as: order approvals, credit checks, porting dates and stock dispatch in a single platform to reduce errors, saving both time and money.

  • UC120 VoIP PBX

    10 Mar 2024 dinstar

    UC120 is a VoIP PBX phone system designed for small and medium sized enterprises to boost productivity, improve efficiency and reduce telephony and operational cost. UC120 allows businesses take advantage of state-of-art technology and enterprise class features with small investments, delivers high performance and superior quality to meet the communication needs of today and tomorrow.

  • Unified Communications

    01 Feb 2024 Phil Bowers

    Grandstream products can be used to deliver a complete unified communications solution that empowers any business to create a powerful and easy-to-manage deployment solution.

    From IP voice & video, data, surveillance, conferencing and more, we provide the tools any organization needs to be successful. Our solutions deliver key features to maximize your network's customizability, while being optimized to seamlessly work together. 

  • Vonage Business Communications (VBC) activates conversations worldwide across voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, social, video meetings, and more.

    • A level of quality you can rely on: Enable 99.999% uptime reliability and Quality of Service
    • Mobility and collaboration: Increase productivity and connect with your team—and customers—virtually anywhere, anytime
    • 50+ business phone features
    • Global reach: VBC supported in 40+ countries AND 96+ World Numbers for local inbound calling
  • UNO Billing & Rating is the lead component within the UNO BSS Suite of products. Provides a flexible, fully converged set of billing and rating solutions for Fixed Line, Mobile and Data companies.

    Both Wholesale and Retail businesses are catered for.

  • UNO CRM is not a single process or set of forms. It is a design approach that encapsulates all underlying core OSS and BSS modules to allow the most efficient management of your customers.

  • UNO Mediation collects diverse events from suppliers, network device or Switches and transforms them into a standardised format. This output is sent upstream to Billing or other components for processing. All inputs and outputs are measured and reconciled precisely.

  • UNO Orchestration & Provisioning is the lead component within the UNO OSS Suite of products. It is a fully configurable set of processes that allow even the most complex provisioning journeys to be fully or partially automated.

  • The UNO Sales module is designed to take your users through the complete sales journey in a highly choregraphed, but simple to use flow.

  • Sangoma VoIP gateways are the most cost-effective solution for businesses with a legacy phone system infrastructure that want to connect to a VoIP network, such as a SIP trunk. 

    We manufacture our own products; so if we say we have stock then you know you won't be waiting 12 months for delivery.


  • WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

    20 Mar 2023 WatchGuard Technologies

    WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

  • WatchGuard Endpoint Security

    20 Mar 2023 WatchGuard Technologies

    WatchGuard EPDR

  • WatchGuard Firebox

    20 Feb 2023 WatchGuard Technologies

    WatchGuard Firebox - One Platform, Total Security.

  • WatchGuard Wi-Fi

    20 Mar 2023 WatchGuard Technologies

    Simplified Wi-Fi in WatchGuard Cloud

  • Take your business communication to the next level. Whatex is the ultimate team inbox solution for WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp Business Integration

    19 Feb 2024 Craig Howell

    Connect Xelion with WhatsApp!
    Why not give your customers a more informal and relaxed way to speak to your team?

    Xelion makes it easy.
    We’ve built a WhatsApp Business integrator to enable your customers to speak to your team via your website using WhatsApp.

  • Wi- Fi Surveys

    21 Feb 2024 Sharon Cooke

    Performance Networks specialise in delivering wireless networking solutions for businesses. We consult, design and deliver business critical WiFi projects every day, in the UK and across the globe.

  • WI-Fi Networking Solutions

    01 Feb 2024 Phil Bowers

    As business requires more mobility and flexibility, organizations are relying on Wi-Fi networks not only for data and internet but also for their communications and collaboration platform. With over 100 products in our offering, including a full portfolio of Wi-Fi networking solutions as well as a deep portfolio of voice and video solutions, Grandstream products provides a one-stop-shop for all of your Wi-Fi and unified communication needs. 

  • Xelion

    19 Feb 2024 Craig Howell

    Unified communications - Made Easy.

    The modern workspace has chnaged, businesses need to provide their workforce with the tools to function efficiently and professionally from any location.
    Xelion is the perfect solution to your communications offering, providing your customers with the best of traditional telephony functionality within a reliable, smart cloud platform.

  • Xelion Mobile Applications

    19 Feb 2024 Craig Howell

    The global demand to work from any location on any device is increasing. Having the ability to work remotely and be agile has become a key part of working life, and has changed the day-to-day operations for many businesses

  • What is a softphone?
    A softphone is an application installed on a PC, laptop or mobile phone that allows you to make and receive calls via your business.
    The Xelion softphone is a user-friendly application that functions much the same way a regular phone would, including presenting your business number, answering calls within hunt groups, transferring calls, and conferencing

  • Discover industry-leading audio with the Yealink BH76 Premium Bluetooth Headset, perfect for communicating anywhere.

  • Yealink DECT IP Phone Solution
    Bring Scalability to Cordless Communications

    Making phone calls while on the move is a vital part of work in various business segments such as warehouses, retails, restaurants, factory sites, SOHOs and SM Es. The Yealink DECT IP Phone Solution is specifically designed to power up your on-the-go business with its sophisticated HD voice, robust battery and indoor/outdoor coverage.

  • The Yealink T54W is an easy-to-use IP business phone, ideal for busy executives and professionals. With built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual band 2.4G/5G WiFi, the T54W offers an easy-to-use, future-proofed device without the need for any additional dongles.

  • The Yealink T5 Business Phone Series introduces seven phone models for productive desktop communication and collaboration demands. The Yealink Prime Business Phones T53, T53W, T54W and T57W are ideal for highly active voice communication users.

    The Yealink Smart Business Phones T58A and T58A with Camera, and the Flagship Smart Video Phone VP59 are professional desktop devices with access to professional HD video.

  • A High-performance Solution with Efficient Communication Network

    Supporting registration with up to 10 Yealink W56H DECT handsets, the W76P system is launched with robust processing capacity for up to 10 SIP accounts and 20 silmultaneous calls.